“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” — Nelson Mandela



We are experienced change agents committed to finding ways to rejuvenate and restore our environment.

We use the following as our tools to achieve results that help change individual and organizational daily habits: The Natural Step Framework, Triple Bottom Line Accounting, Systems Thinking, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Biomimicry, The Living Building Challenge, Doughnut Economics, Multi-Criteria Analysis, Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) and the Precautionary Principle.

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As your trusted partner, we will help you negotiate the complexities of Sustainability and help you navigate from overwhelmed to proactive. Then let us help you and your organization create a sustainable world to leave our children.

    • Sustainability & Climate Change Education
    • Strategic Whole Systems Planning & Visioning for Sustainability
    • Sustainability Assessments
    • Water, Waste & Energy Analysis
    • Organic Certification & Sustainable Farming
    • Greening your Supply Chain & Procurement
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

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Even the smallest actions can make an enormous difference.

A few pebbles cascading down a mountainside are barely noticeable. However, add a few thousand more pebbles and soon the echoing roar of a landslide can be heard. With this in mind, we gain an understanding as to how our environmental crisis was created. Perhaps one pebble at a time will also be the solution.

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Sustainability means acknowledging and respecting the limits of our earth. This change in perspective highlights the earth’s resources as finite and acknowledges humanity’s survival is directly linked to the health of our various ecosystems. Many of which are on the verge of collapse. We need to view ourselves as one element in the complexity of nature, rather than a lion tamer trying to orchestrate the show.

Sustainable Business means operating in a manner which prioritizes the health of our planet while focusing on providing a service or good which benefits humanity. Sustainable businesses are innovative, successful through a triple bottom line approach and are focused on longevity rather than quarterly profits. Organizations with forward thinking and strategic planning will remain successful even when prices paid for natural resources more accurately reflect their value.

It is important to note that our unsustainable actions have directly and indirectly resulted in Climate Change, loss of biodiversity, social inequalities, deforestation, pollution and disease.