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PHASE ONE * SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION: Our first goal is to provide sustainability education, often in a workshop ranging from a half to a full day. Each workshop will be specifically tailored for your organization’s needs, including specific technical expertise related to your organization and sustainability.  The cost of introductory meetings, a staff survey to inform the complexity of workshop content, tour of your facility and/or building, and a half day workshop varies in price due to the scope, size and length of each workshop. View a sample workshop agenda.

SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT: Once team members in your organization have a shared understanding of key sustainability principles and are using the same terminology, we move on to analyzing your organization. This involves a general sustainability assessment which, ideally, will be conducted by you and your staff with our assistance, as well as any baseline or technical assessments you would like Stella Sustainability to conduct. For example, water footprint, green house gas inventory and Lifecycle Assessment (LCA). Want to learn more?


PHASE TWO * DEVELOPING YOUR SUSTAINABILITY PLAN: Now it is time to create a living Sustainability plan, rather than a document with uninspiring figures and diagrams that spends its time on a bookshelf.

PLANNING AND VISIONING WORKSHOP: This workshop can range in length from a day to two depending on the size, interest and complexity of your organization. During this workshop your organization will identify sustainability violations, establish a baseline, develop a long-term vision and backcast to create actions to move towards Sustainability. 

PRIORITIZE ACTIONS: The actions or steps forward developed at the workshop will then be analyzed by Stella Sustainability through Return on Investment (ROI) from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Stella Sustainability staff can prioritize alone or a select group from your staff can be involved throughout the process. This data will then be presented to your organization to inform your priorities.

PLACING YOUR THOUGHTS ON PAPER: Your plan can be as simple as a manifesto with your long-term vision, a list of the actions and an implementation strategy. Or we can assist you in developing a detailed report to share with your customers and/or shareholders. Perhaps, you already have a sustainability plan which we can revise or an Environmental Management System (EMS) that you would like to make more robust to include all facets of sustainability. Regardless, we will help you design a plan that works best for your organization and staff.


PHASE THREE * IMPLEMENTING YOUR PLAN: If desired, Stella Sustainability can assist you during the implementation phase or leave your newly educated and impassioned staff to take over. Either way, we will provide you with tools and knowledge to make implementing an enjoyable process.

SHARING YOUR STORY: We know achieving Sustainability is your ultimate goal. You might want to share success stories with your desired audience and customer base. If so, we can help you find a way around sustainability buzz words or complex science to share a genuine story.

MONITORING YOUR SUCCESS: Is it time to check your water, carbon and waste baselines? Any other sets of data you need to collect to inform your progress and the goals you have set in your plan? A successful strategy involves the Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle, and the forward actions might be changing due to internal or external factors. We can either leave you with the tools needed to analyze your current footprints and sustainability strategy or return to help you with these assessments.

Who Do We Work With?


including various non-governmental organizations, public and private schools, hospitals and city, state and federal entities


including grocery stores, restaurants, farms, ranches and businesses connecting growers with consumers


including start-ups and neighborhood businesses


Interested in making your daily routine more sustainable? Would you like help analyzing your household? Do you have a group of friends that might want to learn more?

Want to Hear More?

Contact us for a 30 minute introductory consultation. If we agree that Stella Sustainability can meet your needs, we will schedule another meeting with key staff at your organization to develop a scope of work, budget and timeline.