WE BELIEVE that every person can make a difference if given the correct set of tools. These tools must include a basic foundation in sustainability, an ability to use a Whole Systems Approach and the enthusiasm to make the process enjoyable.

WE BELIEVE that using a Whole Systems Approach is vital to success. In simple terms, this means looking at all the interconnected parts of a system/organization, as well as the elements that feed in and out of this system/organization. It is surprising how often an action that was intended to produce positive results has unintended consequences. We must remember that Sustainability does not have a one size fits all solution.

WE BELIEVE each person in an organization is best equipped to identify and then change their own unsustainable practices. We provide each client with a solid sustainability foundation and a mindset to think critically.

WE BELIEVE the first step towards sustainability, is identifying your ultimate sustainable future. Whether it takes you five years or a lifetime to reach this goal, it is imperative to know where to set your sights.

WE BELIEVE the time to start making change, regardless how small, is TODAY.